15 May 2006

IXEO - Interactive travel portal

IXEO travel portalIt's not often you stumble across high quality travel websites on the web. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty on offer out there, but IXEO has somewhat managed to make a difference by creating the largest flights and hotel bookings database on the web. All this wrapped up in a unique website which is not only easy on the eye but great to navigate around too.

You can book flights, hotels, cars, and additional local elements such as excursions (safaris/wild life tours/trekking), sport activities (fitness/hiking, golf) as well as tickets and events to make your trip a unique and complete experience. On top of that there is plently travel information giving you useful information and great tips for every destination.

It is all made very simple using the innovative IX-concierge function that allows you to custom-build travel packages from scratch, to suit all your travel needs.

Highly recommended, specially if you are bored with the usual travel portals and looking for something new and refreshing.


Other interesting sections include:
  • Ancient cultures
  • Dive sites
  • Golf courses
  • Great cities
  • Safaris
  • Cultural heritage
  • Natural heritage

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Fantastic site,